Political junkie, Father, nerd, and connoisseur of all things macabre. Stephen prefers to take the optimistic approach when digging into the topics he loves, and refuses to take any shit for it. Whether he is pouring over his favorite comic title, playing video games, or watching movies, he always looks to find the positive in the subject rather than wasting his time complaining about what could have been. It doesn’t always work, as is the case with “Dragon Ball Evolution,” but he does strive for the silver lining. He met Stacey in 2012 and they haven’t stopped arguing since.


Full Stop started as a pet project, something Stacey did to pass the time. Essentially, it was Stacey ranting about the news, which he consumes at an incredibly high capacity. Now it has turned into Stacey yelling at his friends about the news at an incredibly high volume. Lover of movies, comic books, literature, music, art, and creative manifestation. Stacey likes to think he brings a realistic take on today's media, even if it shatters the populous opinion. Stacey was once asked "Should every restaurant try to aspire for a Michelin Star or should every movie try to win an Oscar?" and the answer is simply "Absolutely, because, then why else bother?"


The only real expert on the show, and coolest mofo this side of the Mississippi, Kyle loves martial arts and is a video game, action movie, and football nerd. He is also serving as the defacto mediator between Stacey and Stephen's antics. Kyle has seen it all and has a very interesting take on artistic direction, cinematography, and the number explosions, fights, car crashes, and gunshots required to make a good movie.